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Keeping families together through a child's health crisis

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Perpatuating the legacy of Christopher Hallowell

About The CEH Fund

The Christopher Emmet Hallowell Fund (CEH Fund) honors Christopher's living memory of experiencing life to its fullest potential.
Our mission is to keep families together through a child's health crisis.
The CEH Fund seeks to perpetuate Christopher's legacy by providing financial assistance to families for incidental and unexpected expenses incurred while caring for a child with a severe illness, thus allowing family members to provide the same continuous love and support that so greatly impacted the quality of Christopher's life.
One of Christopher's most cherished beliefs was that despite illness, his positive quality of life was the result of the ever present support he received from his family during his many treatments. The support of his family strengthened Christopher's resolve not to allow illness to take away from his quality of life.

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How to Apply

Eligibility Guidelines

Eligible applicants for assistance through the CEH Fund will be families or individuals caring for severely ill children. We provide support for families living in Essex, Clinton or Franklin counties in New York State. Funding amounts will be made by weighing the following criteria: family need, other extenuating financial circumstances and actual funding available through the Fund at the time of the request. Grants will be made for based of current need, but applicants may reapply if their health crisis continues and they are in need of support

Financial assistance given through the CEH Fund cannot be used for medical care or treatment. These funds are not a replacement for medical insurance or the costs associated with securing medical insurance.


Our Connection with the Adirondack Foundation

The Adirondack Foundation is a community foundation created in 1997 to build a pool of philanthropic funds to serve the greater Adirondack region. The affiliation ensures that all donor gifts will be prudently and discreetly managed, allowing 99% of your tax deductible donation to be used to support families in need. Together, through the passion and dedication of Christopher’s friends and family, along with the administrative assistance of the Adirondack Foundation, the Christopher Emmet Hallowell Fund was established in 2003.


About Christopher

Christopher Emmet Hallowell was born on February 3, 1972. At 15 months of age, he was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent extensive treatment with his mother, father, three brothers and sister always by his side. Despite the damage this treatment had on his heart and lungs, Christopher lived the full life of a child and adolescent as he defined it.

In 1988 he underwent a successful heart/lung transplant operation. Recovery was again sustained through the constant support of his friends and family allowing Christopher to once again embrace all his loves in life. He spent winters skiing, shopping, and attending college. Summertime was spent boating, knee boarding, and his favorite – fly fishing. Never once allowing the life he chose to be modified by the illnesses his body experienced.

In November, 2002, he entered Massachusetts General Hospital for further treatment. As always, his mother Daphne, and his father, Lee were by his side watching TV, checking e-mails, and reading. Brothers and sister, in-laws, nieces and nephews visited daily calling ahead to get orders for new music, new magazines, and new ideas for take out!

On the night before he passed away, Christopher joked with a friend who had stopped by for a visit saying, “Thank God you came in, I need a break from the family!” But he knew that his life and his spirit had been sustained because of the constant love and support of his family. On December 12, 2002 Christopher Emmet Hallowell passed away leaving behind a family and a community of supporters.

Our hope in creating the Christopher Emmet Hallowell Fund is to reach out to families struggling to care for children with severe illnesses because of travel costs, lost time at work, and the unexpected incidentals. By providing these resources for those most in need we honor Christopher’s life, and all those who cared for him.

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Get in touch with Christopher Emmet Hallowell Fund to discover more about our work and how to donate. We thank you for your support.

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